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Nickademus Hollon


Nickademus began his athletic endeavors as a high school cross-country runner. By 17, he had begun dabbling in ultra’s by the age of 18, had ran his first 100 miler to raise money for a close friend who was battling Leukemia at the time. Once bit by the “ultra” bug, the sickness bloomed into full force.

Each year, Nickademus searched for the “world’s most difficult races”, and each year he finished every single one. He completed Badwater 135, Arrowhead 135, PLAIN 100, and HURT 100. He finally met his match in 2011 as Barkley was his first ever DNF. They say third times a charm, as Nickademus had learned to balance his ego and fear and won the notoriously difficult race in 57hrs and 41minutes in 2013.

Nick’s specialty lies in any endurance challenge that calls itself the “world’s most difficult”. Whether it be an obstacle race, running or biking, it is likely on his radar. This extreme specialization has led him to a multi-disciplinary approach in his training and coaching by integrating practices such as yoga, tai-chi, parkour, mountain biking, meditation, strength training, ad boot camps.

He is passionate about optimizing performance and longevity in the sport. With the vast understanding that over-training and over-racing is frequent in runners, his training approach works to prevent these incorrect ideologies that “more is more”. He firmly believes that efficient, productive, and intelligent training is where “less is more”. This principle has allowed him to train smarter, not necessarily more and reap the benefits.

Nick currently holds three certifications as an ACE certified personal trainer, Gut Check Fitness Group trainer and a Spanish medical interpreter. His current career highlights include the following:


2004: Ran first marathon at age 14

2009: Badwater 135 at age 19 becoming the world’s youngest finisher

2011: 6th place Spartan Death Race, VT

2012: 3rd Place HURT 100

2013: Barkley Marathons, 1st Place and 13th finisher in the race’s 25+yr history.

2014: 1st Place Fuego y Agua Survival Run & 100km // 2nd Place at Italy’s Tor des Geants

2015: 1st Place and CR at Canada’s Fat Dog 120 Miler


2016: 1st Place finisher at the Orca 100. 

2017: 6th Place finisher at Dragon’s Back Ultra.



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