What we do

Hybrid Academy Online is an educational platform brought to you by Complete Human Performance. The goal is to offer you a one-stop shop for learning everything about training, nutrition, programming, mindset, and more for the multi-sport athlete.

We will be offering free and paid content covering many different topics and offered in many different media formats.

Our Team


Why Choose Us

Yes, we literally wrote the book on hybrid training. But that's not the only reason you should check us out. Through Hybrid Athlete Online our goal is to offer information to athletes and coaches about how to train for multiple sports at the same time.

We have put together an extremely knowledge team of coaches, each with their own area of expertise and they are excited about sharing their knowledge with you. This site is primarily meant to be a resource, but will also offer interactive programs, time permitting.



To educate athletes and coaches on the best way to train for multiple sports.

Become the global leader in hybrid training education.

Education and knowledge is the source of improvement and longevity.





The #1 multi-sport training company around.

-An Instructor

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